Demand Moral Beauty: It Is Our Birthright

One of the recurrent themes throughout St. Augustine’s Confessions is the nature of beauty and how beauty leads Augustine toward truth, goodness, and wisdom. Beauty is a gateway to truth, and no one better reflected this in his writings than Augustine. The rejection of beauty in our contemporary society, including from within the Church, has been terrifyingly effective […]


Relying on a Catholic School to Catechize Your Child? Be Careful.

I loved primary school. I loved my teachers. I loved my friends. I loved history lessons. And I loved R.E. lessons. We had them about twice a week, and I believed that the topics we covered were helping me to become a better Catholic. In hindsight, I see that I retained my faith not so […]

Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

When Catholic Schools Don’t Attract Catholics

By Father Matthew Pittam I was dismayed to read this week about a Catholic school in California which has removed religious statues from its buildings and grounds because of concerns that they were off putting to prospective parents who are non-Catholic. The San Domenico School in San Anselmo have upset a number of parents by […]


Stewards of Education: How Schools Partner With Parents

Discussion about Catholic education often focuses on how to effectively hand on the Catholic faith to students, but what about parental involvement in passing on the treasures of the faith? Some Catholic schools are being more intentional about transmitting the faith to parents, knowing the impact that parent faith formation can have on increasing fervor […]


Want Catholic Children? Teach Them the Natural Law!

Ask a child the following questions: What would happen if your mom tried to sew buttons onto your shirt using a fork instead of a needle? What if you tried to write a letter with a spaghetti noodle? How far would your dad’s car get if he filled the gas tank with water? Would eating […]


The Great Good of Bona Fide Catholic Education

Rooted in the classical world of Greek thought and Thomistic philosophy, Catholic education is not shaped by trends, fashions, and fads but founded on a great tradition that has passed the test of time. It teaches all subjects in their integrity, according to their first principles, the logos that conforms to the structure of reality and the […]


How Classical Education Teaches Beauty To Our Children

From The Catholic Servant, May 2017, by Dale Ahlquist When the subject of Chesterton Academy comes up, as it often seems to do when I am talking to people, I am asked about what is distinctive about a “classical” education. I answer that the three main pillars of a classical education are truth, goodness, and […]


“The Meeting Point” Sex-Ed Program: Pernicious? Problematic? Promising?

The controversial program, introduced worldwide at World Youth Day in Krakow last summer, contains key aspects of the thought of St. John Paul II, but is often inconsistent and does contain material that is inappropriate. The Meeting Point is a new online “affective and sexual” formation program for students, grades 9-12. Billed as an “evolving […]