Newman Society on EWTN: Catholic Education Is the Lifeblood of the Church

In an interview with Father Mitch Pacwa on “EWTN Live” last week, Patrick Reilly, president of The Cardinal Newman Society, emphasized the vital importance of Catholic education for the Church and for American society — especially as the culture continues to turn against the moral values of the Catholic faith. “Catholic education is the lifeblood […]


Major Study: Sex-Ed Programs Don’t Reduce STI’s, Teen Pregnancy, HIV

A new peer-reviewed study of multiple “sexual and reproductive health” educational programs in several countries finds no evidence of improved health outcomes in any program studied. According to the authors of the study, “School-based interventions for preventing HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy in adolescents,” published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, “There is […]


EVENT: Choosing a Catholic High School Education: Preserving Your Child’s Faith in a Secular Society – January 19, 2017

Are you aware that a recent study showed that 50% of teenagers who self-identified as Catholic no longer do so 10 years later? As Catholic parents, we are responsible for passing on the Faith to our children.  However, in today’s society, many parents appear to be losing the battle. YOU’RE INVITED: Catholic parents considering high […]


Common Core Catastrophe

By  Gerard V. Bradley at The Public Discourse Pyrotechnics about unsecured e-mails, groping, pay-to-play, and multiple personality disorders suffocated what was—early in the 2016 election cycle—an essential discussion about the most far-reaching reform of K-12 schooling in our country’s history. “Common Core” is the latest, and by far the most comprehensive, plan for national educational standards. Developed […]


How Catholic Schools Lose Their Identity

While this column addresses Catholic Identity problems amongst Catholic Colleges, the same can be said for Catholic High Schools. Faced with a declining population, decreasing tax revenues, underfunded schools, and no money to clean up a toxic environmental hazard, the town of Black Hawk, Colorado, voted to legalize gambling. As Newsweek reported back in 1994, […]


‘In Catholic Schools, We Do Not Pretend God Does Not Exist’

The essential role of Catholic teachers and school leaders as witnesses to the Faith was celebrated by participants in this fall’s Catholic High School Formation Summit with a special keynote address by the U.S. bishops’ representative for Catholic education. I joined the Atlanta summit as director of The Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Honor Roll […]


Debate Boils Over Sex Education in Catholic Schools

The issue of sex education in Catholic schools has been hotly debated for decades, but with recent well-publicized protests from parents of Catholic school students to the firestorm over new sex-education materials published by the Vatican, things only seem to be growing more intense, leaving many faithful Catholic parents looking for answers. A group of […]


Is There Such a Thing as Catholic Math?

Catholics find God in all things, inside and outside religion class. Is there a Catholic way of learning something? Math? Science? History? It’s an intriguing question. We wrestled with the question this past year at The Cardinal Newman Society, while developing proposed Catholic curriculum standards for Catholic education. It’s easy to understand that Jesus is […]


‘Devastating Critique’ of Common Core in Catholic Education

The Cardinal Newman Society’s Dr. Dan Guernsey and a team of education experts have just published an extremely valuable report that should convince every Catholic leader, teacher and parent of “the academic and moral insufficiency” of the Common Core State Standards in Catholic schools. After the Fall: Catholic Education Beyond the Common Core, published by […]

A fourth-grader raises her hand to answer a question at Christ the King School in Irondequoit, N.Y., in this 2011 photo. Even with school out for the summer, the debate is ongoing about the love-them-or-hate-them Common Core State Standards, developed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. (CNS photo/Mike Crupi, Catholic Courier) (July 18, 2014) See WASHINGTON LETTER July 18, 2014.

More Catholic Schools Making The Switch To Classical Curricula

Most schools today are geared toward college and career-readiness. These schools aren’t forming children to be saints, say classical education advocates. A fourth-grader raises her hand to answer a question at Christ the King School in Irondequoit, N.Y., in this 2011 photo. (CNS photo/Mike Crupi, Catholic Courier) (July 18, 2014) Three years ago, Sacred Heart […]