USCCB Meeting

USCCB Report on the Development of Catechisms

Thank you, Bishop Gregory. Brother Bishops, during the course of our first year of work, the new standing Committee on Catechesis has undertaken several projects which we think will  be of interest to you for the benefit of the Church in the United States. The first project we have begun is the development of national doctrinal […]


Questioning the Texts

From Parents, do you know what catechism your children are reading? That question has concerned many people since the end of the Second Vatican Council. It is a common and accurate complaint that after the Council, catechetical texts were drastically revised to reflect “the spirit of Vatican II”—which often downplayed or even contradicted the […]


Raising Religious & Moral Standards for Catholic High School Students

As a theology teacher at a Catholic high school, I’m deluged by the theories of “learning specialists,” educational psychologists, and catechetical gurus about the way teenagers learn about religion. By and large these theories treat the teenage mind and personality as an enigma, an elusive mystery that the enlightened among us may grasp if we […]


Protecting Our Children From Catholic Schools

From New Oxford Review By Charles James Charles James is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, Academic Dean, and Provost at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, California. Little did we know that when we placed our children in Catholic schools the most momentous spiritual war in our family would commence. We were naïve and inexperienced. […]


Why Johnny Doesn’t Believe

Several years ago I wrote an article entitled “Why Johnny Doesn’t Believe” (Homiletic & Pastoral Review, January 1984). In my article I showed how defective textbooks and teaching methods based on the experiential approach to learning resulted in widespread religious illiteracy among Catholic youth. Young Catholics were rejecting the Church’s teachings because they lacked even […]


Questions Parents Should Ask Before Selecting a Catholic High School

From the Catholic Servant, October 1999 Questions to ask the administrators or to find out however you can. Are there any dissenters from the Faith among the faculty? What is the curriculum of the religion department? Does it correspond to the new Catechism of the Catholic Church? Does the student receive a fundamental overview of […]


Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis Targeted: Homosexual Activist Offers Practical Tips for ‘Contaminating’ Catholic Schools

By Paul Likoudis, The Wanderer, November 5, 1998 ROCHESTER, N.Y. – How easy is it for a homosexual activist with 20 years of experience in “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered ministry” to use a Catholic archbishop, “contaminate” Catholic schools, and frustrate the parents of Catholic school students? It’s very easy, according to homosexual activist Bill […]