Parents, Your Teens Are Being Pressured To ‘Sext’ – Even At Christian High Schools

I travel a lot throughout North America speaking on the pervasiveness of the poisonous porn plague, and when I speak to parents, they are stunned when I read off statistics that highlight just how prevalent sexting is in nearly every single high school. When I speak to students, on the other hand, there is no shock. They look at each other knowingly. Some flush and duck their heads. Others squirm uncomfortably, their smartphones burning a hole in their pocket.

In fact, at a recent high school I was speaking at, I explained to the girls why guys asking them for nude photos or selfies should get immediately dumped, and there were several boys staring at me with open malevolence, furious at what I was saying. The girls, on the other hand, were often nodding emphatically—and of the written questions I collected after the presentation, nearly a dozen were about how to say no to such requests, what to do after sending these pictures, and how to help friends that were terrified that these pictures were being sent on to others.

The truth is that most of these pictures are being sent on, and they are being routinely shared. Boys in high schools right across North America actually have online pages they call “slut pages” where they aggregate photos of the teen girls they go to school with. Teenage relationships, of course, end with great frequency and often much emotional pain—and many teens respond to the pain of breakup by sending intimate photos they have received on to all of their friends. North American high schools today are beginning to resemble a sexual Hunger Games.

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