This Catholic Educator Just Revealed How He’s Betraying Your Kids To Satan’s Version Of Sexuality

Catholic parents, listen up, because I’m about to warn you about a horrible betrayal that is happening right before your very eyes. It involves your kids and it’s happening right in your Catholic schools across the country and elsewhere.

Let’s start with this. You send your kids to Catholic school. On top of learning the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, you expect your kids to receive a genuine formation in the Catholic faith. You expect them to come away with a working knowledge of right and wrong and with a basic road map about how to get to heaven and to avoid hell. You expect that educators will help you in your God-given duty to guide your child along the straight and narrow. If you agree, read on.

Now, imagine if you sent your kids to school, and educators, instead of genuinely forming your kids in the Catholic faith, perverted your children in detestable ways? Imagine if educators told your kids that stealing was fine and killing others was OK as long as the circumstances permitted it? Imagine that if instead of being given a road map to heaven, the educators highlighted to your children the path that leads to hell? Lastly, imagine if educators purposefully excluded you from directing the kind of formation your child was receiving, so that you had no choice but to sit down and shut up when you wanted to raise concerns about what was happening?

Of course, you would not stand for it. The souls of your children are too precious. You would pull your kids away from those monsters and the institutions they run quicker than you can say “Bob’s your uncle.” And you would be right in doing so. If you agree, read on.

What I’m about to tell you right now will shock many. You might feel compelled to deny that the colossal betrayal that I am about to describe to you is actually happening. Some of you might feel compelled to write me off as a fundamentalist or as part of a lunatic fringe (but don’t worry, labels don’t bother me too much). As a warning, you might even feel compelled, because of various social forces at work (that are actually part of the plot to betray) to see what I have called ‘the betrayal’ as something that you think is good and positive. Of course, if this is happening to you, then the enemy’s strategy is even more far reaching than I realized. If you think you may have been influenced by the enemy as you read this, please take a big breath, pray for illumination, open up your mind, and continue reading.

What I’m about to write is not fanciful theory or an unproved hypothesis. It is the sobering reality that is happening in the classrooms of our publicly funded Catholic schools across the nation. I will be honest in saying that what I’m about to expose is comparable to the tiny tip of the iceberg floating on the ocean while the main bulk of it lies hidden below the surface. The betrayal is larger than even what I’m about to reveal to you. So, here we go.

The Betrayal

Catholic parents, your children are being seduced in Catholic schools to accept a version of human sexuality that utterly opposes God’s plan for sexuality, marriage, and family, and that if not checked, has the power to corrupt your beautiful children physically and spiritually, even making them fit to become children of hell.

There, I’ve said it. Now breathe. Let me explain.

The people pushing this corrupted version of sexuality have painted a rather compelling picture of the goal they say they’re after. They want a society where everybody just happily gets along no matter what people are doing to one another in the sexual sphere. They’re after a sexual utopia where anything goes. They want inclusion, diversity, acceptance, and safe schools. But there’s one problem they’ve encountered. To get to this sexual utopia, they first have to stamp out every voice that has a version of sexuality that opposes the one they’re championing. See where this is going?

Let’s call these people gay activists. They push a pansexual version of sexuality where anybody is free to do whatever they want, however they want, and with whomever they want. They rather can’t stand Christians because Christians believe that sexuality comes from God with a pretty strict owner’s manual that must be pretty strictly followed if myriad human relationships are going to run the way God intended them to run.

The gay activists are dismayed that Catholics actually believe that there is a God-given purpose for sexuality, namely to create children and to strengthen the bond between the husband and wife. They are horrified that Christians hold that sexual intercourse is exclusively reserved for marriage and that its unchaste misuse is radically harmful to body, soul, and civilization. They block their ears and stomp their feet when Christians gently but firmly warn them of the spiritual and physical dangers of homosexual behaviors.

Now, gay activists know that unless they can convince kids about their version of sexuality, they will never be able to change the way millennia have thought about their practices and behaviors. And change they want so that everyone will accept what they do and thus give some legitimacy to it. So they very cleverly target schools where the nation’s children congregate. They have been very clever in how they have introduced their own version of sexuality, which is at odds with God’s version, into schools.

First they made everyone feel very sorry for the sexually confused children coming from broken homes and families, telling everyone that it was their job to make such children feel safe, accepted, and welcome. They manipulated statistics to show that such children have higher rates of depression and suicide due to — and get this — not their condition, but because they were bullied for being different. The gay activists then went on to convince people that the only way to stop the bullying and to end the suicides was to make everyone welcome and accept such children and to approve of their sexual inclinations and behaviors.

But even this was not enough for the gay activists, since some parents nevertheless told their children that God created marriage and marriage could only be between one man and one woman. The gay activists then reacted by pressuring governments to pass laws that forced schools to teach children to accept divergent forms of sexuality. The laws stated that children led by gay activists must be allowed to form “safe” clubs where the activists could more easily convince children about the behaviors and practices of homosexuals.

But even this was not enough for the gay activists. They saw to it that all-encompassing curriculums were introduced that made it seem to children that the world revolved around the “heroic” struggle of homosexuals to gain what they called equality and rights.

In the end, gay activists have infiltrated the Catholic school system and have rejigged morality, religion, science, and even math, to serve their purposes, which is the manipulation of your dear children to accept behaviors and practices contrary to God’s law.

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