Questions Parents Should Ask Before Selecting a Catholic High School

From the Catholic Servant, October 1999

Questions to ask the administrators or to find out however you can.

Are there any dissenters from the Faith among the faculty?

What is the curriculum of the religion department? Does it correspond to the new Catechism of the Catholic Church? Does the student receive a fundamental overview of the Church’s doctrines, history of the Church, the Scriptures, the Sacraments, and moral teachings?

Are Holy Mass and the Sacraments available on a weekly basis? (Some high schools are seriously negligent in this area).

What kind of retreat programs do you have? What activities take place? What are your goals for these retreats and how are they accomplished? An answer from students, “We really enjoy going on our retreats”, is insufficient.

How does the Faith become integrated in the programs of service and social outreach to the poor and the needy? Is the Catholic school doing more than developing “social do-gooders” or is it producing saints who see that their social actions should be an extension of an interior spiritual life? Does the school see that reaching out to the unborn and needy pregnant women have a part in the social service program?

Does the school have any programs which promote the agenda of those defending homosexual behavior or endorsing the homosexual orientation as a possible good? Are those involved with programs which help students with homosexual tendencies teaching what the Catholic Church teaches or their own personal opinion, such as “the Church’s teaching will ultimately change”?

Does the school have a chapel or does it merely have a multi-purpose room which also serves as a place for concerts and lectures? Is the Blessed Sacrament reserved in the chapel?

Questions to ask faculty in all departments. Each teacher has influence on your children, and sometimes it can be a physical education teacher who has more influence concerning the Faith than a religion teacher.

What is the role of the Pope and the Bishops in terms of teaching the truths of the Faith? This is the basic question and the following questions flow from this one.

Do Catholics have a serious responsibility to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation? In other words. is it a mortal sin for someone to miss Mass on those days without a serious reason for missing?

Do you begin and end each class with prayer?

What do you believe about people having pre-marital sex?

What do you think about divorce and remarriage without an annulment?

What do you think about abortion? How should the law protect the pre-born?

What do you think about the ordination of women?

What are your views on homosexuality?

What do you believe about euthanasia and assisted suicide?

What do you think about the use of contraceptives?

Go ahead – ask these important questions. How does your child’s school rate?